Microfiche Capture

We Offer High-Resolution Two Dimensional 105mm Microfiche Capture

We support all microfiche formats including Camera produced microfiche, COM produced microfiche, jackets and strip-up fiche. We can Scan all film types from 16mm and 35mm Microfilm Jackets to 48X Com Fiche. Our digital image capture devices and post-processing methods feature image enhancement capabilities as well as the ability to read the punched hollerith data to create an index. We have experience in a variety of aperture card projects from Department of Defense to private industry at prices that will beat most anyone in the industry. We can scan 35mm aperture cards in bi-tonal and grayscale at resolutions up to 400 dpi in all common reduction ratios. ImageBASE can use the NxGen™ technology with traditional film and aperture card scanning to produce significantly enhanced digital images. We have also developed several large format options using the NxGen™ Digital Imaging technology which allows us to effectively scan bound books, large format drawings and documents and 3D objects. With the NxGen™ Digital Imaging Technology, ImageBASE is armed to provide its customers with the latest in Digital Imaging technology.

NxGen™ Digital Imaging Technology is an innovative breakthrough in digital image capture technology. With NxGen™ we can digitally capture original source documents using state-of-the-art optical processes, in color, grayscale and bi-tonal at a resolution of up to 300 DPI. NxGen™ represents the latest advancement in CCD Digital Scanning technology. ImageBASE developed this new technology due to the lack of advancement in imaging technology especially in microform technologies such as aperture card and microfilm scanners.