"Digital Data For a Digital World"

ImageBASE LLC is a full-service imaging, document management and database development company located in downtown Denver, CO.

ImageBASE has been in the data and image conversion business for over 16 years and has converted more than 200 million images from many county offices. Counties that have had work accomplished by ImageBASE include La Plata County, Jefferson County, Denver County, Eagle County, Weld County, Morgan County, Moffat County, Park County, Routt County, Gilpin County, Sedgwick County, Yuma County, Sandoval County, Bernalillo County and Larimer County.

Extensive work has also been accomplished for the title insurance industry and clients have included North American Title of Colorado, Stewart Title of Colorado, Chicago Title of Colorado, First American Heritage Title Services, Chancery Title of Colorado, First National Title and Title Services. ImageBASE LLC converts all of the microfilm from Denver County on a weekly basis for the use of many title companies and the county itself. Services have also been provided for the conversion of land documents archived by the title company service bureau SKLD for the use of its members.

ImageBASE has also served the Library of Congress, Harvard University, New York Public Library, Denver Public Library and Wright State University in the capture of images and the development of databases with very complete and extensive indexing.

Capture and database services have also been provided on a national and international basis to clients such as General Motors, Thomson Publishing and Information Handling Services.

QWEST Communications has been a very large and important client for whom ImageBASE has developed an extensive array of applications, including the capture and management of documents in a digital format.

Such prestigious institutions and other organizations have selected ImageBASE in large part because of the level of quality provided. This high level of quality results from the time, energy, experience and care, and a robust client engagement process that we apply to each project we undertake.

ImageBASE has developed a suite of proprietary technology that allow documents to be captured from their original formats, hardcopy or microform, and manage the process of creating, organizing and retrieving quality digital data.

In addition to imaging experience, ImageBASE possesses considerable experience in content and document management. It’s state-of-the-art content management system, ImageBASE™, is used by various organizations to manage complex collections of documents and other digital assets.

ImageBASE LLC remains today, a leader in digital imaging and document management solutions for government, large and small businesses.